Comical Reactions with Mike & Billy​

Comical Reactions with Mike & Billy

Wise & Precise

Wise & Precise​

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Lab News

Lab News
Insects Inspire the Creation of Robots that can Walk on Water
A research team from Fudan University, Shanghai studied water strider insects to make disks of hydrogel that can propel themselves on water without power from an external source. They utilise minute differences in surface tension by virtue of water-repelling and water-attracting chemicals. Read More
A New Model for Making Reliable COVID-19 Projections
Researchers from the Texas A&M University have outlined a new COVID-19 projection model based on the SEIR framework (susceptible, exposed, infected and recovered states). Using publicly accessible data on new cases in Texas and nearby counties, the model could reliably predict COVID-19 cases for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Read More
Is Cannabis Damaging Your Immune System?
A 2020 study found out that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, suppresses various immune cells and encourages death in others. This unique property may be good for those who actually need it, but problematic for those with no immune system related irregularities. Read More

Blog of the Month

Blog of the Month

With the ‘one touch, one drop’ feature upgrade in Microlit E-Burette, you can now dispense just 10 ul with one touch and record absolutely error-free titration endpoints.

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Customer Spotlight​

Customer Spotlight
Microlit E-Burette has helped increase efficiency in the labs of BCKV, enabling the eminent institute to easily prepare up to 100 samples per day.

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