Comical Reactions with Mike & Billy

Comical Reactions with Mike & Billy

What type of a scientist are you ?

What type of a scientist are you ?


Q1. What would you prefer to do in your spare time?

Q2. Which word fits you the best?

Q3. Which topic intrigues you the most?

Q4. Pick the colour you like the most.

Q5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Q6. Which was your favourite subject in school?

Q7. What is your favourite cuisine?

Q8. Where would you like to work?

Q9. What are you most afraid of?

Q10. Which movie would you prefer to watch?

You are an Explorer Scientist

You are constantly experimenting with new things and trying to explore new things. You are fearless and like to go after things that have not been discovered yet. One can always find you working on new and interesting projects.
You are a Developer Scientist

You create things and transform the knowledge generated by others into something concrete that can be used by society. You are interested in developing new things, introducing new services, and ideas that may change the way things work in different fields like medicine, healthcare, technology, etc.
You are an Entrepreneur Scientist

You are creative and always buzzing with ideas. When you see a problem, your mind runs in every direction to find a solution. You never miss any opportunity to innovate. Your scientific knowledge coupled with people skills enables you to develop a strong business sense, which will help you to grow your business.
You are a Communicator Scientist

Your technical skills, knowledge, and awareness along with your ability to communicate effectively help you to share your expertise with the audience and convey your message without any confusion. Your language skills and fluency help make you an eloquent orator.

Lab News

Lab News

Chemists find ways to make green plastic

In recent years, chemists have developed electrochemical cells that aim to produce plastic using renewable energy. But, this green vision comes with some of its own problems: The cells consume highly alkaline additives that themselves take a lot of energy to make.

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Nasal spray likely to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Scientists, for years, have been working with lipopeptides and investigating their potential as viral preventives. They’ve now adapted their study to COVID-19 and are witnessing promising results – lipopeptide could stop the virus from spreading in a cell culture model.

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Pfizer vaccine dose reduces asymptomatic COVID-19 cases four-fold

Recent studies of vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare workers over a 2-week period have revealed an interesting observation. The staff vaccinated with a single dose of Pfizer vaccine more than 12 days prior had 75% protection against asymptomatic COVID-19, and had a four-fold reduction in cases, making hospitals safer.

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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight
CGWB Hyderabad’s Mr Satya Kumar is glad that his department decided to switch from glass burettes to Microlit E-Burette. He shares how the sophisticated instrument has reduced error margins and enhanced productivity.

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Blog of the Month

Blog of the Month

To ensure high accuracy & precision in your scientific studies, you must be familiar with the basics of liquid handling. Head over to our latest blog to gain access to ‘a beginner’s guide to liquid handling’.

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