Comical Reactions with Mike & Billy​

Comical Reactions with Mike & Billy

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Wise & Precise​

Microlit Lentus™ Bottle Top Dispenser

Engineered with carefully selected and tested materials, MICROLIT LENTUS™ Bottle Top Dispenser is designed to provide precision and safety in Hydrofluoric Acid dispensing. Built by our in-house team of product design engineers, it uses Springless Valve™- an award winning technology and Recirculation Valve for preventing loss of reagent during purging.
This dispenser exhibits excellent chemical compatibility with Hydrofluoric Acid and other reagents & chemicals to achieve precision and safety with reliability in practical laboratory environments.

Wise & Precise

Wise & Precise​

Test your knowledge about Hydrofluoric acid. Participate in this interesting quiz and get a chance to win exciting Microlit goodies!

1. Hydrofluoric acid is a pale yellow, fuming liquid with a pungent smell.


2. It is recommended to store Hydrofluoric acid in bottles made up of ______________.


3. Exposure to HF can lead to skin burns, bone damage and ________________.


4. Which one of the following Microlit products can be used for dispensing Hydrofluoric acid safely and accurately?


5. The additional application of Microlit HF Dispenser is ________________________.

TitrationTrace Metal AnalysisDual Liquid Handling

6. ____________________ is a pharmaceutical antidepressant made using Hydrofluoric acid.


7. Hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid.


8. Industrial applications of Hydrofluoric acid include oil refining, glass etching and production of ________________________.

Hydrocarbon compoundsMethane gasOrganic and inorganic fluorine compounds

9. Which of the following values is closest to the pH value of Hydrofluoric acid?


10. Can Hydrofluoric acid dissolve metals?


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Lab News

Lab News

More scientific data required on mixing of Covid-19 vaccine doses.
“The next vaccines that are in pipeline are Zydus Cadila’s ZyCoV-D and Biological E Corbevax.” – Dr. Renu, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, GoI

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Pfizer, in FDA document, says third Covid-19 shot warranted.
Pfizer said that US regulators should approve a third booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine it developed with Germany’s BioNTech six months after the second dose due to waning effectiveness of the shot over time, according to documents the drugmaker submitted to the USFDA.

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SpaceX: Amateur astronauts launch on Inspiration mission
The all-civilian Inspiration4 crew members leave Earth on their 3 day private spaceflight.

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Blog of the Month

Blog of the Month

Industrial Applications of Hydrofluoric Acid

Hydrofluoric acid is the liquid form of hydrogen fluoride, a fluorine containing compound. When the compound dissolves in water, it gives a colorless liquid called hydrofluoric acid. Although Hydrofluoric acid is corrosive in nature, some of its properties make it extremely useful for industrial applications. A few of them are listed in this blog. Let us have a look at them.

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