The MICROLIT Academy, our non-profit educational outfit, offers open trainings and workshops with regard to our liquid handling instruments, their usage and industry applications. Focussed on empowering our users and promoting learning beyond boundaries, the Academy is equipped with an expert team of professionals that are available on-request to provide hands-on training sessions, workshops and certifications. These are conducted both in English and Hindi and in accordance with your needs.

What We Offer

  • Certificate trainings and workshops

    Under our Certificate Trainings and Workshops, our professionals teach you everything you need to know about MICROLIT’s product range – from assembling, handling and operation, disassembling to calibration / re-calibration – at your pace and convenience.

    Get hands-on training from our experts on request and become a ‘MICROLIT Certified Operator’ or ‘MICROLIT Certified Calibrator’. Under the same module, we also help you with your ISO audits.

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  • Microlit Research Grants

    The healthcare and life sciences industry offers bright future prospects and remarkable opportunities of growth. There are hundreds and hundreds of subjects being explored or waiting to be explored by a mind brimming with ideas and enthusiasm.

    Every year, we select the top scientists working on cutting edge research in the world’s leading laboratories and honor their contribution to the field of healthcare and life sciences. We award them with a MICROLIT Research Grant in order to facilitate advanced research work and potential landmark discoveries.

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  • Knowledge Repository

    We firmly believe that an instrument performs well only when it is in the hands of an empowered user, a user who knows it inside out. Hence, at the MICROLIT Academy, we proactively assist our users in making the most efficient and productive use of our instruments.

    To this effect, we offer educational tutorials, assembly-disassembly videos, FAQ’s, brochures, catalogues and use cases. Additionally, we also publish several research papers and case studies.

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