When it comes to working in real laboratory environments, users often find themselves dealing with issues of space. Consequently, working efficiently and pouring reagents into different types of vessels/reservoirs in such conditions becomes a tedious job, owing to the fixed delivery nozzles in conventionally available Bottle Top Dispensers.

Drawbacks of having a fixed/rigid delivery nozzle

Fixed/rigid delivery nozzles in conventional Bottle Top Dispensers make it extremely difficult to fill long vessels as the dispenser either has to be tilted or placed on a raised platform to carry out any operations.

  • Tilting

    Tilting the dispenser can cause spillage or accident. This reintroduces the danger which the dispenser is designed to eliminate in the first place.

  • Using a raised platform

    Placing the dispenser on a raised platform requires more effort and reflects poor ergonomics. This option might not be even available in a lot of labs.

MICROLIT’S Smart Innovation - FlexiNozzleTM

After comprehensive analysis of the collected data and customer feedback, our R&D team has designed and developed the FlexiNozzle TM – a smart and sophisticated flexible delivery nozzle.

FlexiNozzle TM is an innovative yet simple solution – it allows users to change the angle of the delivery nozzle while carrying out routine laboratory operations. Thus, they can comfortably work with a variety of differently shaped and sized vessels like test tubes, conical flasks and measuring cylinders, that otherwise are difficult to access with a perpendicularly placed nozzle.