Supporting the Unique and Diverse Needs of Many Industries

Here’s a list of the most common industry wise applications of our product range.

  • Pharmaceutical

    The Pharmaceutical Industry is responsible for researching, developing and producing medications to cure and treat illnesses of every kind imaginable. As a brand that knows and understands the pressing needs of this industry, MICROLIT offers a comprehensive and robust portfolio of high-precision instruments to be used in Pharmaceutical Analysis – ranging from sampling and analysing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Impurities, Excipients and Pharmaceutical Solutions to Pharmaceutical Starting Materials, including Finished Pharmaceutical Products (FPPs). Built with ergonomics and intuitive handling in mind, our entire product range is an ideal value addition and your perfect partner in Quality Control Labs, Quality Analysis Labs, Research & Development (R&D) Labs and Microbiology Labs of Pharma Factories and Plants. We empower you to carry out precise titrations, sample preparations, trace analyses etc. while offering excellent user experience with safety and reliability.

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  • Healthcare

    The Healthcare Industry is one of the world’s largest and the fastest-growing industries. It provides medical services, manufactures medical equipment and develops pharmaceuticals to keep the global population healthy. It is necessary for Healthcare Divisions like Blood Banks and Pathology Labs to prepare blood and plasma samples to initiate any kind of tests.For this, they require High Quality Pipettes to ensure that the samples are transferred without any damage.

    We offer a standard portfolio of Fixed and Variable Volume Micropipettes under our MICROLIT RBO Series, in order to facilitate this process of sample transfer in a smooth and safe manner. In addition to the RBO Series, products like Bottle Top Dispensers and Electronic Burettes from our portfolio also find widespread use in the industry, while offering robust support and excellent handling.

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  • Food & Beverages
    Food & Beverages

    The F&B industry today is not only focussed on offering nutrition for sustenance but also on the variety, taste and flavours of its offerings. It is constantly reinventing itself, coming up with new variants and improved flavours. But since food and beverages are susceptible to degradation and contamination, it is important to take utmost care to maintain high standards of quality and safety.

    Our product range finds extensive use in the F&B industry. When it comes to Research, Production and Analysis & Quality Control of food and its related products – especially Beverages & Drinking Water, Milk & Dairy Products and Edible Fats & Oils – we are the right partners for you.

    Our ergonomically designed high-precision instruments are made to help you in acing everyday challenges in your daily laboratory routine. Whether you are looking for ways to enhance crop yield or testing the nutrient levels in food before and after processing, we assist you in taking care of everything.

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  • Environmental Monitoring
    Environmental Monitoring

    When substances from various industries like oil refineries, thermal power plants, pesticide factories etc. are introduced into the environment, they get distributed among the different components – water, soil, air – as well as among the living organisms that constitute the biosphere.

    Only, if we know the type and quantity of these substances or contaminants, can we protect the environment and its inhabitants. In order to test these, MICROLIT offers the perfect solution in the form of its high-precision liquid handling instruments.

    Soil testing : Our Bottle Top Dispensers and Micropipettes facilitate preparation of samples which are key to carrying out accurate and precise soil analyses.

    Water Testing : Inorganic or chemical waste from industries often end up polluting our water supplies. In order to determine the concentration (acidity or alkalinity) of these industrial contaminants, you can use a number of our products like MICROLIT E-BURETTE to perform precise titrations.

    Pollution Monitoring : Once you’ve determined the concentration of contaminants, you can issue next-step recommendations to control or reduce it. This is called Pollution Monitoring. In this case, MICROLIT E-BURETTE is the ideal partner to assist you in keeping a close check on the rising levels.

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  • Academic & Research Institutes
    Academic & Research Institutes

    The future of the Scientific and Medical Industry relies on the quality of education and practical training sessions that are imparted in Academies & Research Institutes today.

    It is not only important but also necessary that the students of such schools are taught with the help of high-quality education modules by experienced professors. They should be given access to state-of-the-art equipment in their laboratories, while learning and practicing GLP norms (Good Lab Practices). At MICROLIT, our product design engineers are adept at developing easy to handle and use, efficient, high precision liquid handling products. They are built on the principles of ergonomics and intuitive handling and facilitate a great user experience. You can operate them quite effortlessly and make the most out of them for various life sciences applications including Cell and Tissue Culture, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry and Stem Cell Research.

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  • Diagnostic Kits
    Diagnostic Kits

    Today, the Diagnostic Kits Manufacturing Industry is growing at a tremendous rate in order to satisfy the ever-increasing need to analyse, determine or detect diseases in living organisms and/or measure the concentration of contaminants in consumer edibles like Beverages & Drinking Water, Milk & Dairy Products and Edible Fats & Oils etc.

    Rapid Test Kit is a type of Diagnostic Kit that detects the contamination of Milk Samples by Beta-Lactam and Tetracycline molecules. One of the biggest consumers of these kits are the developing countries. In addition, Diagnostic Kits are also used as HbA1C Test Kits for diabetes detection. A third kind, known as Real-time PCR or Quantitative PCR (qPCR) kits are used for pathogen detection, veterinary testing, meat speciation, fish speciation, GMO detection, allergen testing, etc.

    In order to carry out all these operations accurately, precise sampling and smooth transfer of these samples is essential. Our specially designed range of Miniature Micropipettes and High Precision Micropipettes empower your Diagnostic Kits by offering a sophisticated blend of mobility and accuracy.

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  • Life Sciences
    Life Sciences

    Life Sciences covers all sciences that are related to living organisms. The Life Sciences Industry encompasses a number of fields like Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Food Processing, Biomedical Devices and other organizations and institutions who are devoted majorly to carrying out R&D in the above mentioned fields.

    Molecular biology research and related experiments like DNA RNA Purification, PCR, RT PCR, Primers & Probes, Cloning, Proteomics and Drug Discovery call for the use of high quality equipment to assist in sampling and sample transfers.

    MICROLIT offers you a robust, durable and ergonomically designed range of high precision liquid handling instruments to empower your everyday laboratory routine in the Life Sciences industry. Now you can carry out your tasks more accurately and more efficiently than ever before!

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