Microlit Easyknob®

The Volume adjustment knob is the most frequently and repeatedly used component in Bottle Top Dispensers. As the name indicates, it’s a small knob which is used for setting and adjusting volumes. In order to ensure the longevity of the knob itself and facilitate easy and efficient volume setting, this component conventionally operates on a screw type mechanism/technology. But, over time, users have reported that this technology comes with its own set of demerits.

Microlit Easyknob
Drawbacks of Using a Screw-Based Technology
Over Rotation<
Over Rotation

It is commonly observed that users tend to over rotate a screw-based volume adjustment knob. In order to ensure that it is tightly secured, the knob is given an extra turn and because of this, it either gets too tight to be loosened again easily or breaks.

Screw Knurling<
Screw Knurling

The knurling on the screw of a volume adjustment knob has been designed to offer better grip. In actual practice however, when the knob has been tightly secured because of over rotation, these grooves or knurls cause pain to the fingers and thumb whenever the user tries to loosen it.

MICROLIT’S Expert Technology Solution – Springless Valve®

After years of assessment and analysis of customer feedback, our R&D team has designed the EasyKnob ®– a smart and sophisticated volume adjustment knob.

EasyKnob TM works on a 180° rotating lever type technology. A simple and smooth 180° turn of the lever, in the anti-clockwise direction, loosens the knob and the user can then easily slide the pointer and set his/her desired volume. Another simple 180° turn in the clockwise direction secures and tightens the knob and the pointer, ensuring efficient and precise volume setting.

The lever has a unique structural design which does not allow it to over rotate. There is a distinct stop step beyond which the EasyKnob ®does not tighten, ensuring consistent operation during every volume setting..