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    1. What is the significance of Holika Dahan, which occurs a day before Holi?

    Burning of evil spiritsWelcoming the arrival of springCelebrating the victory of good over evilHonoring the harvest season

    2. Which Hindu god is associated with the playful tradition of throwing colors during Holi?

    Lord ShivaLord VishnuLord KrishnaLord Ganesha

    3. Which famous dessert is traditionally prepared and shared during Holi?

    Gulab JamunJalebiMalpuaGujiya

    4. What is the name of the special drink consumed during Holi, made from yogurt, milk, and spices?


    5. Which Indian state is particularly famous for its grand Holi celebrations, known as "Lathmar Holi"?

    RajasthanUttar PradeshGujaratPunjab

    6. During which month does the festival of Holi usually occur in the Hindu calendar?


    7. What is the significance of the bonfire lit during Holika Dahan?

    To symbolize the end of winterTo pray for a good harvestTo commemorate the sacrifice of HolikaTo honor the sun god

    8. Which flower is commonly used to make natural colors for Holi celebrations?


    9. What is the name of the colored powder commonly used to play during Holi?


    10. Which legendary story from Hindu mythology is associated with the origin of Holi?

    RamayanaMahabharataBhagavad GitaPuranas

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    The Changing Diagnostic Testing Paradigm

    The Covid-19 pandemic saw an explosion in the field of diagnostic testing, as the industry sought to keep up with an unprecedented volume. It also brought molecular science into the public consciousness like never before – acronyms like ‘PCR’ and ‘mRNA’ became familiar in households across the world.

    This paradigm shift reflects the growing recognition that molecular diagnostics not only delivers faster and more accurate outcomes but also carries the potential to transform the way we approach disease detection and monitoring in the coming years.

    Developed by researchers at Washington University, this blood test employs a highly sensitive technique to measure Alzheimer’s protein levels in the blood. It works by using mass spectrometry to assess the ratio of two amyloid forms in the blood and was granted Breakthrough Device designation by the FDA in 2019.

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    Reducing Preanalytical Errors through Patient Education

    Patient education involves influencing patient behavior and conveying the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to maintain or improve health. “Educating patients about their role in the preanalytical phase is crucial, as their choices and behaviors can significantly influence the accuracy and reliability of the test outcomes,” says Charlie Paterson, clinical development expert at PA Consulting. “Errors in the preanalytical process introduce risks for the patient, hinder the study’s validity (for pre-approval products), create unnecessary waste, and drive up system costs.”

    Common patient-related preanalytical errors include medication interference, improper specimen collection, and inadequate fasting. For example, consider a lipid profile test, which requires patients to fast for 12 hours for accurate results.

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    ‘Potash price rise undermines global food security’ warning

    Lack of affordable potash is contributing to increased potassium deficiency in farming soil. Potassium is essential for plant growth that aids photosynthesis and respiration, and thus crop yields, potash or fertiliser potassium is spread on fields to replenish missing potassium.

    The inability to replace lost minerals is creating a replenishment deficit with an estimated one fifth of all global farmland in the ‘severe’ deprivation category, warn the scientists. However, said the Nature Food study, in some areas the problem is markedly worse. The percentage rises to nearly half (44) in South-East Asia, with Latin America well over a third (39%) and Sub-Saharan Africa on 30%.

    Until now, the process, known as non-local diffusiophoresis, has never previously been observed, said Dr Richard Sear, from the university’s School of Mathematics and Physics:

    “This is a truly exciting discovery – the first time we’ve ever seen remote diffusiophoresis. Our research is at a very early stage, and we don’t yet know how strong these currents could ultimately become. But the possibilities are tantalising.”

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    Pipettes are indispensable tools in laboratories, facilitating precise and accurate measurement of liquids for various scientific experiments. A Pipette is a precise laboratory instrument used for accurately measuring and transferring small volumes of liquids. It consists of a piston, a tip and a volume adjustment mechanism. By adjusting the volume setting, users can dispense precise amounts of liquid, typically ranging from microliters (μL) to milliliters (mL).

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