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    1. One of the essential minerals in the human body is salt. How much salt (NaCl) is in the average adult human body?

    1 kg500 grams250 gramsPractically None

    2. If you fill a glass to the brim with ice water and the ice melts, what will happen?

    The glass will over flow as the ice turns to water.The level of water in the glass will remain unchanged as the ice melts.The water level will drop slightly as the ice melts.I'll never find out because I'll drink the water or walk away before anything happens.

    3. Water-based liquids can be described as acidic, neutral, or basic, with respect to pH. Which of these describes milk?

    Slightly acidicStrong acidNeutralSlightly basicMilk does not have a pH

    4. DNA codes for proteins, which are the building blocks of organisms. What is the most abundant protein in the human body?


    5. Which of these elements is a nonmetal?


    6. Organic chemistry is the study of the compounds that make up living organisms. All organic molecules contain:

    Carbon onlyCarbon and nitrogenCarbon and hydrogenCarbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

    7. You can't live without iron. Where in the body is most of the iron located?

    Your brainYour skinYour bonesYour blood

    8. All of the following are amino acids except:


    9. A drop of food colouring spreading out in a cup of water is an example of which transport process?

    DiffusionOsmosisVapor PressureEffusion

    10. In a solution of salt water (a saline solution), salt is the:


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