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Happy National Sports Day! Let’s test your knowledge on Indian sports and legends. Test your sports trivia skills with this interesting quiz.🏃‍♂️ Comment below with your answer and win goodies worth INR 1000 along with Microlit goodies.

    1. What is the new name of Feroz Shah Kotla ground?

    Arun Jaitley StadiumGautam Gambhir StadiumAjit Wadekar StadiumSheila Dikshit Stadium

    2. Who won the first cricket World Cup?

    West IndiesIndiaAustraliaPakistan

    3. Where were the first Olympic games held?


    4. How many players are there on the Kabbadi team?


    5. What does the term "LBW" stand for in cricket?

    Lift Bat and WhackLaunch Ball WicketwardsLet's Behave WickedlyLeg Before Wicket

    6. Durand Trophy is a prestigious tournament of?


    7. How many rounds are there in a game of boxing?


    8. Checkmate vocabulary is associated with?


    9. In which country the game of chess originated?


    10. What is the distance to be covered in half marathon?

    15 kms12 kms28 kms21 kms

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