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    1. When is Father's Day celebrated in India?

    Second Sunday of MayThird Sunday of JuneFirst Sunday of SeptemberLast Sunday of July

    2. Father's Day was first celebrated in which country?

    IndiaUnited KingdomUnited StatesAustralia

    3. Which of the following is a traditional gift given on Father’s Day?


    4. Father’s Day in India is dedicated to honoring which aspect of fathers?

    Their physical strengthTheir financial successTheir role and contribution in the familyTheir educational background

    5. Which of these Bollywood movies is centered around a father-daughter relationship?

    DangalZindagi Na Milegi DobaraKabhi Khushi Kabhie GhamDil Chahta Hai

    6. In which year did Father's Day become a popular celebration in India?


    7. Who is often credited with the idea of starting Father's Day?

    Sonora Smart DoddAnne JarvisMahatma GandhiJawaharlal Nehru

    8. What is a common activity families do to celebrate Father's Day in India?

    Flying kitesWatching a cricket match and Cooking special mealDancingPainting

    9. Which of these is a famous quote about fathers?

    A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.A mother’s love is peace.Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.Home is where the heart is.

    10. Which famous Indian personality is known for his quote "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad"?

    Amitabh BachchanSachin TendulkarShah Rukh KhanMahatma Gandhi

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    Long COVID finally gets a universal definition

    Previous definitions of long COVID have been all over the map, each with its own set of accepted symptoms, timelines and requirements for proof of infection.

    That lack of standardization “left many patients in the lurch without clear ability to be recognized for the condition that they had, with difficulty explaining to family and even to their caregivers,” says Harvey Fineberg, a public health expert who chaired the committee that drafted the definition. “We heard from literally hundreds of people experiencing long COVID about the challenges that they had in being heard, in gaining access to care and obtaining the care they needed.”

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    Machine learning offers means to raise accuracy of cancer analysis

    Titled ‘Histomorphological Phenotype Learning’ (HPL), the system created by teams from Glasgow and New York universities, has the potential to enable faster, more accurate diagnoses and reliable predictions of patient outcomes. Co-senior author of the study published in Nature Communications, professor John Le Quesne, from the University of Glasgow’s School of Cancer Sciences, supervised the research.

    He admitted: “We were surprised but very pleased by the effectiveness of machine learning to tackle this task.” Current procedure involves pathologists examining tissue samples taken from cancer patients on microscope slides under a microscope with their observations helping determine patient treatment and assessing chances of recovery.

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    Researchers Develop Method To Extract Pure Lithium From Dilute Sources

    University of Chicago researchers have developed a novel method for extracting lithium from widespread sources such as seawater and groundwater. The optimized method could aid in filling global lithium demands.

    Global lithium production has more than tripled in the last decade thanks to growing demand to supply lithium-ion battery producers. However, current lithium extraction methods from rock ores require large amounts of energy and come with environmental impacts. Additionally, current methods are time-consuming and require sources of highly concentrated lithium.

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    Blog of the Month

    In the precise world of laboratory science, the accuracy and reliability of measurements are paramount. One of the most common tools for liquid handling is the pipette and ensuring its accuracy requires strict adherence to calibration standards. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established such a guideline with the ISO 8655:2022 standard. This blog delves into the essential facts about the ISO 8655:2022 standard, highlighting its significance, updates from previous versions and key considerations for compliance.

    By adhering to this standard, laboratories can ensure the accuracy, reliability, and traceability of their liquid handling processes, ultimately supporting high-quality research and diagnostic outcomes.

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