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    1. What is the chemical symbol for the element Mercury?


    2. Which gas gives soda its fizziness?

    OxygenNitrogenCarbon dioxideHelium

    3. What is the molecular formula of water?


    4. What is the atomic number of Carbon?


    5. Which element is essential for all organic compounds?


    6. What is the chemical formula of table salt?


    7. What does pH measure?

    The concentration of hydrogen ions in a solutionThe concentration of hydroxide ions in a solutionThe acidity of a solutionThe alkalinity of a solution

    8. What is the lightest element?


    9. Which gas is produced when baking soda reacts with vinegar?

    Carbon dioxideOxygenHydrogenNitrogen

    10. What is the chemical symbol for gold?


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