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    1. Water-based liquids can be described as acidic, neutral, or basic, with respect to pH. Which of these describes milk?

    Slightly acidicStrong acidNeutralSlightly basicMilk does not have a PH

    2. One of the essential minerals in the human body is salt. How much salt (NaCl) is in the average adult human body?

    1 kilogram500 grams250 gramspractically none

    3. If you fill a glass to the brim with ice water and the ice melts, what will happen?

    The glass will over flow as the ice turns to water.The level of water in the glass will remain unchanged as the ice melts.The water level will drop slightly as the ice melts.I'll never find out because I'll drink the water or walk away before anything happens.

    4. DNA codes for proteins, which are the building blocks of organisms. What is the most abundant protein in the human body?


    5. Who is credited with the invention of the modern periodic table?


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    We want to introduce you to our new revolutionary laboratory tool that has the potential to greatly enhance the precision and efficiency of your diagnostic analysis processes -Microlit AQUA Electronic Micropipette.

    The Microlit AQUA electronic Micropipette offers several key advantages that can significantly improve laboratory workflows:

    EXTERNAL DETACHABLE RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – ensures continuous usage and eliminates downtime during critical experiments with reliable power backup

    LARGE EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY –  1-inch tempered LCD glass adds a layer of protection against accidental impacts, scratches and chemical spills

    VOLUME ADJUSTMENT WHEEL – It offers extremely fast volume setting, menu navigation and enables single-handed operation.

    12 UNIQUE MODES OF OPERATIONS – Extensive range of pipetting modes eases workflow, gives the option to tailor protocols and define custom programs.

    LINEAR STEPPER MOTOR SYSTEM – Motor controlled piston operation ensures no human error and guarantees reliable pipetting. 

    INTERNAL STORAGE MEMORY – Users can store upto six programs in memory and reuse them as per their convenience. 

    SPEED SELECTION MODE – Users can select and adjust the pipetting speed from three options of Low (L), Medium (M) and High (H).

    STAINLESS STEEL TIP CONE – The 304 Grade SS tip cone offers high dimensional accuracy resulting in best tip fitment.

    Visit our website today and shop our products to elevate your scientific pursuits.
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    Lab News

    What Is Lab-Grown Jewelry, Anyway? Diamond Experts Explain

    Simply stated, lab-grown gemstones are created in laboratories, while natural stones are formed in the earth over the course of billions of years. Lab-made (or synthetic) diamonds grow from a tiny diamond “seed” that’s placed in uber-high heat and immense pressure.

    “Lab-grown gemstones are precious and semi-precious stones that are cultivated in controlled laboratory conditions using a process that simulates the same environmental pressures and temperatures that result in the formation of natural gemstones beneath the Earth’s surface,” explains Grown Brilliance founder and creative director Akshie Jhaveri.

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    AI ‘nearly twice as accurate’ as biopsies at grading some sarcomas

    A new AL algorithm model accurately graded the risk – or how aggressive sarcoma was likely to be – for 82% of the tumours analysed. In contrast, only 44% were correctly graded using a biopsy.

    CT scans of 170 Royal Marsden patients with the two most common forms of retroperitoneal sarcoma – leiomyosarcoma and liposarcoma – were employed to create an AI algorithm, which subsequently tested on nearly 90 patients from centres in Europe and the US. Radiomics techniques were then employed to analyse CT scan data, extracting information about patients’ disease from medical images.

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    Measles Remains a Global Threat as Vaccination Coverage Declines

    Measles continues to pose a relentlessly increasing threat to children. In 2022, 37 countries experienced large or disruptive outbreaks compared with 22 countries in 2021. Of the countries experiencing outbreaks, 28 were in the WHO Region for Africa, six in the Eastern Mediterranean, two in Southeast Asia, and one in the European Region.

    “The increase in measles outbreaks and deaths is staggering, but unfortunately, not unexpected given the declining vaccination rates we’ve seen in the past few years,” said John Vertefeuille, PhD, MHS, director of the CDC’s Global Immunization Division. “Measles cases anywhere pose a risk to all countries and communities where people are undervaccinated. Urgent, targeted efforts are critical to prevent measles disease and deaths.”

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    Blog of the Month

    Calibration helps maintain the quality and consistency of measurements, ensuring product quality, safety and compliance with industry standards. It’s also essential for maintaining the accuracy of medical equipment, laboratory instruments and even consumer devices.

    In essence, calibration guarantees that we can trust the data and results generated by these instruments, which is crucial for making informed decisions and achieving reliable outcomes.

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