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    1. In case of forward pipetting, the operator should depress the plunger to which position to fill the tip?

    1st2ndEither, it doesn’t affect your results

    2. While dispensing liquid, the pipetting angle should preferably be:


    3. You should NEVER rotate the volume adjuster on a micropipette beyond the upper and lower limits.


    4. Letting the plunger snap back after withdrawing or expelling fluid won't damage the piston.


    5. Which of the following forces are responsible for improving the accuracy of dispensing by gently squeezing the pipette on the side of the test tube?

    Surface tensionCohesionGravity

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    The RBTC Blood Bank in West Bengal uses Microlit RBO Micropipette and Microlit Beatus Bottle Top Dispenser. They are pleased with the Microlit RBO Micropipettes in particular, as it’s helping them conduct 150 blood tests on a daily basis with great ease.

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    Lab News

    A Newly Designed Material Converts Waste Heat into Electricity

    Scientists have noticed that an unimaginable amount of the world’s energy is lost in the form of waste heat. Be it gas-powered cars or huge industries, the heat lost in these instances can actually be converted into electricity. Now, scientists have achieved an initial breakthrough in designing a material with low heat conductivity, helping them achieve this feat.

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    The Future of Clinical Trials is Digital Simulation

    Participants who willingly take part in a clinical research can be hard to find. Recently, researchers have been able to design simulated participants by feeding patient characteristics and attributes, and were able to yield the same results as 3 previous studies. This raises a question on the future of clinical trials.

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    Mesobot – Revealing the Underwater Mysteries

    The “twilight zone” is home to various creatures like krill and jellyfish. These creatures play an important role in bringing carbon from the surface of the water and trapping them beneath the tides. Observing the impact of these creatures can be difficult hence, the Mesobot – an underwater robot – is being used to track their movement for 24 hours without human intervention.

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    Blog of the Month

    An air displacement micropipette is one of the most popular liquid handling instruments. It performs various tasks crucial for carrying out research studies. In our blog, we will be discussing the benefits and the right way to use the instrument

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