Enhancing Accuracy with the New and Improved Dropwise Dispensing Feature in the Microlit E-Burette

Enhancing Accuracy with the New and Improved Dropwise Dispensing Feature in the Microlit E-Burette

Burettes are used as a laboratory apparatus for titration where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution. In the process of titration, the completion of the operation is referred to as the end-point which is the precise point where the chemical reaction is complete.As the end-point is crucial while performing a titration experiment, it is important to use a burette which helps in obtaining a highly accurate end-point.

Microlit E-Burette

The Microlit E-Burette is a revolutionary instrument that replaces manual speed control with calibrated pre-set speeds, providing good control over the dispensing speed. The pre-set speeds help in achieving a highly accurate end-point. The enhanced version of the dropwise dispensing feature promises you more accurate results.

The New and Improved Dropwise Dispensing Feature

The new feature upgrade in the dropwise speed mode ensures that the volume of the reagent to be dispensed is consistently 10 microliters.Never before has it been possible to precisely dispense 10 microliters in a single touch. Microlit with its strong R&D and technology is enabling customers to accurately realise the titration endpoint.This consistency in performance and accuracy in dispensing makes the E-Burette a reliable titration instrument.

Importance of the Dropwise Dispensing Mode

The speed of the manual dispensing wheel in most of the conventional or digital burettes available in the market is not fixed and varies from one user to the other. These abrupt speed changes can lead to inaccurate and imprecise results.The hand-wheel often makes it difficult to provide precise and fine control over the dispensing speed. Attaining the endpoint of a titration experiment using the hand-wheel can thus become a challenging and time taking task.The E-Burette replaces the hand-wheel operation with touch screen based speed control. The ‘one touch, one drop’ dispensing speed mode with its precise dispensing capability provides a high control over the dispensing speed and helps in quick and accurate realization of the endpoint of the titration experiment.Apart from the functional aspects, the ‘one-touch, one drop’ operation also helps the user avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which is caused by performing repetitive tasks for prolonged periods. RSI is a common injury and can be caused by the continuous rotation of the handwheel for speed adjustment during the titration experiment.

Industrial Applications of the Dropwise Dispensing Mode

E-Burette, especially the dropwise dispensing mode can be used for titration in industries like:

Pharmaceutical Industry

For a pharmaceutical industry to develop medications, a particular quantity of chemicals needs to be determined.As the precise measurement of the quantity of the chemicals needs to be finalised, the dropwise dispensing mode is the most effective to accurately determine the end-point of all kinds of titration experiments.

Wine Industry

Quality and chemical precision are paramount in the wine industry.Vintners need to ensure that the wine they make is consistent in flavour, from checking the quality of raw materials to checking the batch while fermentation.This is where the dropwise dispensing helps to accurately determine the acidity and amount of sulphur dioxide in wine through titration, thus ensuring every batch meets the utmost quality standards.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry uses the titration process for the production of biodiesel oil.Biodiesel oil is required to have a particular pH level to ensure its functionality.For this purpose, the dropwise dispensing mode of the E-Burette comes in handy as manufacturers can precisely measure the pH level of biodiesel and then determine the amount of base to be used to achieve the desired pH level.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry uses the technique of titration for mainly two purposes – regulatory requirements and quality control.It has been mandated by the respective regulatory bodies that all food labels should state the content of sodium, calcium and iron. The presence of these minerals can be accurately determined by using dropwise dispensing mode in the process of titration.

Cosmetics Industry

Manufacturers need to add appropriate concentrations and amounts of chemicals to ensure that the resulting cosmetic products do not cause any harm to the user.This is where the dropwise dispensing mode can be used in titration as it enables manufacturers to accurately measure the number of chemicals which is safe for application.The advantages of E-Burette over other burettes are insurmountable. With precise, motorised speed control, the improved dropwise dispensing mode and diverse industrial applications, the  E-Burette is essential for every modern laboratory.

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