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    1. What doctor deals with hormones?


    2. What doctor puts braces in your teeth?


    3. What doctor deals with seizures?


    4. What doctor deals with the lungs?


    5. What doctor fixes noses?

    DermatologistPlastic Surgeon

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    Customer Testimonials​

    The Quality Lab of Gyan Dairy runs a series of tests to ensure that their customers receive fresh and pure dairy products. Ever since the company has replaced glass pipettes and tilt measures with Microlit Micropipettes and Microlit Bottle Top Dispensers, its lab operations have become less time-consuming and error-free.

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    Lab News

    Naturally Occuring Bacteria Can Decontaminate Soil

    A five-year experiment in Mestersvig, East Greenland has shown that naturally occurring bacteria was able to decontaminate diesel-soaked oil. The bacteria broke down the hydrocarbons cleaning the soil, in warm as well as arctic conditions.

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    Bringing Large Objects Close to the Quantum Realm

    Using the advanced LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) mirrors, physicists are trying to understand why large objects don’t follow the laws of quantum mechanics.

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    Enhanced Imaging Technique May Help in Early Detection of Neurological Disorders

    While PET scans can be unreliable to detect neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s at an early stage due to poor quality images because of patient movement, scientists are adding a motion-tracking device to help produce high quality images.

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    Blog of the Month

    The preanalytical phase in a clinical test is the most complex and error-prone. Its automation can enable technicians to generate accurate results and ensure that every patient is correctly diagnosed. In our latest blog, we will be exploring the reasons and the benefits of automating this process.

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