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    1. What should you do after working with biological specimens, chemicals and lab substances?

    Wipe both hands with towelWash both hands with soap and waterTreat both hands with skin lotion

    2. When can acid comes in contact with your skin, you should immediately wash it with what?


    3. The skull and crossbones symbol is used for which type of hazard in a lab?

    Biohazardous infection materialsSkin irritation and corrosionAcute toxicity

    4. Which of the following is a true statement?

    Avoid wearing contact lenses in the lab, particularly dealing with chemicalsEarphones can be worn as long as you are carefulDangling and dazzling jewellery is acceptable in the lab

    5. Which is the right way to look inside the test tub?

    To look from the bottomTo look from the sideTo have an aerial view

    6. What is used to support and hold a lab crucial?

    A pipestem triangleA stirring rodAn evaporating dish

    7. What is the right way to mix acid and water?

    Slowly add water into acid while stirring the solutionSlowly add acid into water while stirring the solutionAdd acid into water and shake the solution

    8. Which kind of gloves should you wear in Lab?

    Nitrile glovesLatex glovesDepending on the handled chemicals

    9. What does “MT” means on a piece of glassware?

    It’s brokenIt’s emptyIt should be cleaned before each use

    10. Liquids can be heated safely in which of the following tools?

    A beakerA wire gaugeA funnel

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    Mr. Chittaranjan Medhi, Technical Superintendent at IIT Guwahati uses “Beatus” Bottle Top Dispenser in their laboratory for conducting various environmental projects and research. It is highly accurate lab equipment that operates on Springless Valve™ technology that facilitates smooth and safe dispensing of chemicals.

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    The new system, called the deterministic mRNA-capture bead and cell co-encapsulation dropleting system (DisCo), leverages machine vision and multilayer microfluidics to enable scRNA-seq of single-cell suspensions with fewer than 500 cells.

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    The health-care system across the world has witnessed a major revolution with rapid strides in technological advances, especially after the pandemic. The goal of medical research is to improve healthcare. The increased longevity of the human race today has been the result of decades of medical research worldwide, resulting in improvements in diagnosis and treatment. No wonder, medical research assumes huge significance.

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