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    1. Which out of these is not a Rapid Test Kit?

    Allergy TestTumor Marker TestOrganic Impurities Test

    2. Milk antibiotics test kit is used for which of the following?

    Cleaning & Processing of milk samplesExtraction of milk samplesDetection of antibiotic residues in milk & diary samples

    3. HCV EIA Rapid Test Kit is used for initial screening of which of the following?

    Hepatitis CHyperthyroidismAddison’s disease

    4. What is the full form of CT scan?

    Complete Tomography ScanComputerised Tomography ScanComplete Tomographic Scan

    5. HbA1c measures your average blood sugar level over the past:

    1-3 months2-3 months5-6 months

    6. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, also known as MRI, is an advanced medical process that uses which waves to examine internal organs and tissues in the human body?

    Magnetic and radio wavesSound wavesCompression waves

    7. Which out of these is the world’s first miniature pipette that comes with a tip ejector?

    LilpetLilpet Pro

    8. Lilpet and Lilpet Pro are available in various capacities ranging from;

    20 µl to 500 µl250 µl to 1000 µl5 µl to 1000 µl

    9. Calibration certificate provided with each Microlit micropipette conforms to which standards:

    ISO 13485ISO 8655ISO 17025

    10. Which Microlit product is recommended for ELISA (Diagnostic Test), Molecular Screening, Kinetic Studies, DNA Amplification?

    Multichannel MicropipettesSingle Channel Fixed Volume MicropipetteSingle Channel Variable Volume Micropipette

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    Dr. Mukesh Pasupuleti – Principal Scientist, Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology uses Microlit RBO Micropipettes for various projects conducted by him at Central Drug Research Institute in Lucknow. He is satisfied with the features and performance of the RBO micropipette.

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