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Is Chemistry your favourite subject? Are your basic concepts really good in chemistry? Have you studied the temperature and vapour pressure relation? This quiz will check your knowledge of the same. Also, get a chance to win amazing goodies.

    1. The vapor pressure of a substance increases as temperature increases.


    2. What factors affect vapor pressure?

    Surface areaNature of liquidTemperatureAll of the above

    3. Which law describes the relationship between the pressure and temperature of a gas?

    Gay Lussac's LawHenry's LawBoyle's LawIdeal Gas Law

    4. What happens if the vapor is contained in a sealed vessel?

    The vapor pressure becomes too high.The vessel might explode.The matter evaporates to the gas phase.All of the above

    5. The vapor pressure of a liquid is dependent on the volume of liquid in the container.


    6. On what factors does the process of evaporation depend?

    Nature of the liquidEffect of temperatureBoth A and BNone of the above

    7. Does vapor pressure increase with the increase in the boiling point?


    8. Which of the following has extremely low vapor pressures?

    TriglyceridesCarbohydratesBoth A and BNone of the above

    9. When two immiscible liquids are in a mixture, what happens to their boiling points?

    It increasesIt decreasesBoth A and BNone of the above

    10. Raoult's law equation is expressed through this formula:

    Psolution = Χsolvent/P0solventPsolution= ΧsolventP0solventPsolution = ΧsoluteP0solvent

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