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Laboratories play a vital role in conducting research, experiments and achieving technological objectives. We have a set of Laboratory Quiz that one can take to expand your knowledge and understanding of laboratories. Let’s begin with laboratory quiz and win cool Microlit merchandise.

    1. Which of the following nursing interventions is NOT routinely expected when collecting laboratory specimens?

    Make sure the collected specimen is marked as done on the lab order sheetLabel the lab slip w/ the specimens sourceFollow the procedure exactly as outlined in Pagana and Pagana textCover venipuncture site w/sm bandage

    2. What normal value goes w/ electrolyte C1 ?

    98-106 mEq/L136-145 mEq/L9.0-10.5mg/dl3.5-5.0mEq/L

    3. Which of the following lab tests would be ordered to diagnose anaemia?

    Glucose testCholesterolCBCBUN

    4. What body system relates to the Urinalysis test?

    Renal system primarily - CHepatic system primarilyIntegumentary system primarilyCirculatory system primarily

    5. What are normal lab values for RBC

    5-18g/dLMale 12-16 g/dl Female 14-18 g/dLMale 4.7-6.1 m/pl Female 4.2-5.4M/OMale 37-47% Female 42-52%

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    Depression now in Top Five most studied diseases in clinical development

    Oncology dominates the list, with solid tumours leading as the most studied disease indication, followed by breast cancer in second place, stroke in third, and prostate cancer in fifth.

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    Climate Change Threatens 771 Endangered Plant and Lichen Species

    Climate change is expected to have a major impact on species around the world, especially endangered species, which are already rare. A majority of the organisms listed under the Endangered Species Act are plants and lichen, and yet the risk that climate change poses to endangered plants has not been systematically evaluated in over a decade.

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    How Immune Defenses Adapt to Evolutionary Forces Within an Environment

    Researchers at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have published research shedding new light on how selective pressures drive the evolution of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). By studying fruit fly Diptericin (Dpt) evolution the researchers were able to establish a pattern of evolution based on environmental and dietary factors.

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    Blog of the Month

    The most noted differentiator of MICROLIT NERO is its calibration system – the patented UniCal® technology. This unique calibration mechanism allows quick in-lab calibration in a single operation without disengaging the adjustment digits from the plunger mechanism. The Patent No. is 405607.

    The μAir® technology in the MICROLIT NERO is another unique feature that helps minimize the extra spaces and gaps, reducing the dead air space between the tip cone and the piston. The idea behind it was to reduce air compression and enable the user to achieve precision in practical lab conditions.

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