Why is Nero® micropipette the best for your Laboratory’s pipetting needs?

Why is Nero<sup>®</sup> micropipette the best for your Laboratory’s pipetting needs?

What is Nero® Micropipette?

Microlit Nero® is a range of ergonomic micropipettes with state-of-the-art technology such as UniCal® and μAir® that will ensure great precision and convenience for our lab users. These innovative and patented technologies have been developed by our in-house expert group of product design engineers. Microlit Nero® comes in Single Channel Fixed Volume, Variable Volume and Multichannel variants used in pathology, microbiology, and diagnostic testing labs where precise small volume pipetting is critical.

Furthermore, they will be extensively relevant for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, research institutes, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), cement, chemicals, natural resources and agriculture as well. The Nero® micropipettes cover the entire pipetting range from 0.2 µl to 10 ml and are available in fixed and variable volume models.

Microlit Nero® offers many exclusive features that make it stand out from other micropipettes in the liquid handling product market:

UniCal® Technology: The One-Shot Calibration

The most noted differentiator of MICROLIT Nero® is its calibration system – the patented UniCal® technology. This unique calibration mechanism allows quick in-lab calibration in a single operation without disengaging the adjustment digits from the plunger mechanism. The Patent No. is 405607.

How is UniCal® Technology Beneficial?

  • It eliminates the inconvenience caused by the hit-and-trial method of calibration.
  • It saves the cost and time of sending the instrument to another facility for third party calibration.
  • It enables the user to re-calibrate without disassembling any component, disengaging the digits from the plunger or matching calibration markers on the micropipette to the volume adjustment chart in the user manual.

μAir® (Micro-air) Technology: Achieve Precision in Practical Lab Conditions

The μAir® technology in the MICROLIT Nero® is another unique feature that helps minimize the extra spaces and gaps, reducing the dead air space between the tip cone and the piston. The idea behind it was to reduce air compression and enable the user to achieve precision in practical lab conditions.

A significant amount of dead air space exists between the piston and tip cone of standard micropipettes. This dead air space between the piston and tip cone can be minimized by precisely adjusting the length of the tip cone to what is required for piston movement at maximum volume setting. Moreover, the internal diameter of the tip cone may be reduced to align well with the piston and leave more room for dead air between the tip cone walls. Microlit’s Nero® micropipettes have significantly increased the precision by eliminating extra dead air space during product design.

Ultra-Light Weight and Dirt Resistant

The polycarbonate housing material makes the pipette durable, lightweight, scratch proof and dirt resistant. This micropipette has been made lightweight and features an ultrasoft plunger, removing the risk of routine illnesses like carpal tunnel syndrome that could be caused by repeatedly using micropipettes.

Conformed Calibration as per International Standards

Each pipette is designed and manufactured conforming to ISO 8655 and calibrated in our in-house laboratory, accredited by National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) as per ISO 17025:2017.

Experience the Softest Plunger Force

Microlit Nero® gives the industry’s lightest pipetting experience, with 6.5N force for the first step and 14N force for the second step (blowout), making it the most ergonomic pipette available for all your laboratory needs. Microlit has achieved the lowest plunger force by optimizing the plunger spring, optimizing the engagement between the O-ring and metal piston and carefully selecting piston, spring and O-Ring materials. Moreover, we employ thorough durability testing using proprietary test machines to ensure that the selection of components and materials contribute to the longevity of our instrument, while enhancing the ergonomics.

While comparing the plunger forces of various pipettes on the market, we discovered that the Microlit Nero® has the lowest plunger force on the market, making it the most ergonomic pipette for your laboratory needs.

Smooth Tip Ejector for Easy Tip Ejection

The Microlit Nero® is equipped with a smooth tip ejection technology that enables the safe, effortless, and quick ejection of tips. The tips can be easily removed from the micropipette by pressing the tip ejector button with optimal force making all your lab processes very comfortable.

Fully Autoclavable at 121°C

Every piece of Microlit Nero® is fully autoclavable at 121°C, 15 pressure for 15-20 minutes, which means that these micropipettes can be autoclaved without the need to disassemble any parts or components. This makes autoclaving in the lab more convenient and secure from any kind of cross-contamination.

Spring and Ball Based Digit Change Mechanism

This ensures no accidental volume change while conducting various operations in the laboratory. The unique digital system and large 4-digit display provide ease of readability to facilitate a long duration of operation.

Color Coding for Easy Identification

Every set of Micropipette Nero® comes with a unique color coding added on the top of the Plunger. These colour-coding for distinct volume ranges allows lab technicians to easily identify them during daily laboratory routines with ease.

Universal Tip Cone for Various Tips Usage

The tip cone ensures proper fit for the tips. It is best to use a micropipette with a universal tip cone since it makes the device more compatible with most standard tips. This Universal Tip Cone which makes the pipette compatible with most of the internationally accepted standard tip, so one can buy any brand of tip without worrying about compatibility issues.

If you need a micropipette that can ensure accuracy and precision while providing utmost comfort during pipetting, the Microlit Nero® is the best fit for your laboratory. To know more about the features and functionality of Microlit Nero®, please contact us at info@microlit.com or visit our website https://www.microlit.com/product-category/micropipettes/

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