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Answer these easy multiple-choice questions related to various scientific concepts. Check your knowledge and win cool Microlit merchandise. Participate today.

    1. What chemical element is represented by the symbol Ge?


    2. What instrument is used to measure the ground oscillations produced by an earthquake?

    RadioscopeSpectroscopeSeismographMagnetic Resonance Imager

    3. The square of a particle’s wave function describes the probability of what about the particle?

    That it has a specific spinThat it is at a particular placeThat it will disappearThat it will decay

    4. In geology, what is a monadnock?

    Another name for a streamA type of hillA valleyA type of lake

    5. What is another name for a drowned river valley?


    6. Which of the following is not a marsupial?


    7. Who discovered the X-ray?

    Ray StevensAlexander FlemingStephen HawkingWilhelm Roentgen

    8. Zebras belong to the same family as which of these animals?


    9. What chemical element is represented by the symbol Ag?


    10. What term describes the alignment of three celestial bodies?


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    Product Guide

    A high-precision liquid handling tool, the Microlit LENTUSTM is engineered with perfection to be used with highly corrosive acids like Hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid and many others. This Bottle Top Dispenser is mainly used for handling and dispensing high-purity media along with acids and bases. 

    While conducting experiments, this Bottle Top Dispenser exhibits top-notch chemical compatibility and gives accurate results. Not just hydrofluoric acid, it works well with other chemicals and reagents to achieve precision while taking care of safety in real laboratory environments. It is readily available in five unique volume ranges.

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    Lab News

    Sponge enables robot to crack the egg challenge

    Robots have demonstrated their efficiency over the human and manual approach in many areas but still struggle to match the fine motor skills of people when handling, say, an egg.

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    Trojan Horse Polymers for a Circular Economy

    It is hard to imagine our daily lives without plastics made out of polyolefins. Unfortunately, practical methods for recycling of polyolefins are lacking. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, a research team has now introduced a new approach for making novel polyolefins that can be chemically deconstructed and re-polymerized without a loss of quality.

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    Fighting Cancer with Precision: Automated Tissue Dissection Can Improve the Accuracy of Molecular Diagnostic Tests

    Lab technicians then manually transfer the annotated area from the reference slide to several unstained dissection slides, matching these areas using their visual judgment. Using a scalpel, technicians scrape the tissue off the slide, following the annotation as accurately as they can by eye.


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    Blog of the Month

    In conventional Digital Burettes, dispensing is done ‘manually’ with the help of a rotating wheel, whose speed of rotation is not fixed and varies from user to user. Any abrupt changes in the speed may result in inaccurate and imprecise results. 

    The Motor Controlled Piston Movement of Microlit E-Burette, at 3 Pre-set Speeds, rules out the effort invested in manual wheel operation and hence, any inconsistencies arising due to the variations in its speed. To read more, click below.

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