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    1. Only 5% of the world's freshwater is suitable for drinking.


    2. Rainwater is the purest form of water.


    3. Freshwater is more acidic than saltwater.


    4. Water contracts when it freezes.


    5. Most of the world’s water is saline.


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    Customer Testimonials​

    Ditasi for Investment Co. Ltd. owns and manages mines and undertakes the extraction of gold and other minerals. They are currently using the Microlit Beatus Bottle Top Dispenser and the E-Burette in their lab and have been impressed by the efficiency of the instruments. They applauded the functionality of Microlit products and shared how the instruments have helped save them time & effort reducing the chances of manual errors.

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    Lab News

    Microbes in Ocean Help Curb Climate Change

    Tiny microbes living deep down on the ocean floor are known to gobble up methane, a greenhouse gas. Trapped at the bottom of the ocean, methane hydrates take an ice-like form which will dissolve and release methane in the environment, owing to the rising temperatures.

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    Just Planting Trees is Not the Answer to Climate Change

    There has been an emphasis on planting tons of trees to curb climate change. But just planting trees is not the solution. Surely, trees will help reduce the rate of climate change but one has to look at the bigger picture and put into action policies to save the environment.

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    Newly Discovered Fabric Cools Wearer By 5℃

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    Blog of the Month

    Microlit instruments play a crucial role in detecting the sanctity of water and determining its safety for household and agricultural purposes.
    A wide range of tests are conducted under the umbrella of Water Testing. These tests analyse the water quality and help identify the presence of nutrients determining the quality of water for use or for consumption. In our blog, we discuss the different water quality tests and how Microlit products come in handy.

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