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    1. Its’ believed that Halloween’s origin dates back to Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the passing of summer & the Celtic New Year, that fell on 1st November. But which Pope made the date part of Christian calendar ?

    Pope Gregory IV (827-844)Pope Gregory III (731-741)Pope Leo III (795-816)

    2. Pumpkin carving has its origins in Celtic tradition, but which vegetable was originally used ?


    3. What are soul cakes, traditionally made & eaten at Halloween?

    Cakes given to clergy in return for a prayer or blessingPastries given out to beggars on All Souls’ DayEdible offerings placed into a coffin to help a departed soul journey to heaven

    4. Dressing up has been part of Halloween celebrations over the centuries, but what was its original purpose ?

    To play tricks on friends & realtivesTo perform plays & skits for entertainmentTo ward off spirits of the dead

    5. Who directed the 1978 film “Halloween” ?

    David SladeJohn CarpenterKeenen Ivory Wayans

    6. Three witches famously appear in which Shakespeare play ?

    HamletMacbethKing Lear

    7. The familiar Jack o’ Lanterns are thought to have originated in which country ?

    SpainUnited StatesIreland

    8. A Popular Halloween candy in US, what was the first penny candy to be individually wrapped for sale ?

    Hershey KissesPeppermint SticksTootsie Rolls

    9. There is an old belief that it is good luck to see which of the following on Halloween?

    Black CatSpiderPumpkin

    10. Are there any blue pumpkins ?


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