Why Should Distributors Partner up with Microlit?

Why Should Distributors Partner up with Microlit?

Our distributors are our partners.

Working closely with them has taught us that their role, in smoothening the connection between us and the customers, can expedite response times, enhance our reach, and even create value-added packages that complement our product offerings.Distributors play the cog in the wheel, driving our brand forward. Take a read to find out how, if you’re a distributor, can you benefit from your association with us.

a). We assure you good coverage in your territory.

We don’t believe in handing over the entire responsibility to you, leaving you to figure out all by yourself how you are to move forward. Our constant mutual discussions will help you target relevant industries with assurance, leaving no room for error.

b). Our training programs keep you well informed.

We strongly believe our distributors need to know about our products in order to engineer, sell, and service it. Thus, a robust training program that is continually updated with timely and relevant content, helps you grow your business. Our team of technical experts equips you with the ability to facilitate cross-sharing and quality peer learnings across networks.

c). Our sales team keeps you from pipetting in the dark.

The Microlit sales team is regularly sent on customer visits and sales calls, which helps you close the deal even more cohesively. Your teams are taught a system for consistently implementing Microlit’s best professional practices, which in turn help you keep your sales targets in check.

d). Our prompt technical query assistance leave no loose ends.

We assure you and your customers that someone will always be there on the other end of the line, should you need it. We have a dedicated in-house technical assistance team to resolve any technical or tender related queries which you and your customers might have.

e). We commit to our products’ future.

A lot of care and precision goes into making our products, but we still know that they won’t sustain with a one-time manufacture alone. However little it might be, they still need smooth and reliable technical maintenance, every once in a while, and an assured warranty period for customers who face difficulty with any defect. You can assure your customers, a 2-year full replacement warranty against any manufacturing defect. The warranty period and the service that goes with it, would be provided exclusively by Microlit.

f). We provide you with an extensive and detailed market support plan.

Our local support primarily with exhibitions, and other marketing strategies, helps you increase reach in your respective geographic areas. We give free product samples, posters etc. to build brand and service awareness in core areas. Our local marketing aid through online and magazine advertising also helps you concentrate and spread your product reach in the interiors of a specific area.With us, you will always have the support of innumerable, well-informed technical experts who have the know-how to deal with issues like specifying and sizing components, improving efficiencies, and troubleshooting failures.

And so, we believe in working closely with you, while taking care of every little detail that goes into extending your reach.. Help us help you give your customers the precision that they deserve.

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