The use of Bottle Top Dispensers (BTDs) is a common practice in laboratories across the world. Working with them requires careful handling and great precision. One of our most sought after products, the MICROLIT ULTIMUS is an advanced BTD that offers a highly sophisticated blend of features and functionality.

Unlike formerly used BTDs, MICROLIT ULTIMUS is equipped with an award-winning technology, the Dual Inlet®technology that enhances the instrument’s accuracy and precision. This technology is patented in India, Europe and the United States of America. The technology also enables it to offer 4 liquid handling modes:

3.Refilling, and
all without dismounting the BTD.

MICROLIT ULTIMUS simultaneously features two product innovations that contribute to making it one of the best in the industry – EasyKnob® and FlexiNozzle®. They enhance its ease of use and flexibility. The instrument is also equipped with a PTFE Piston and an ETP O-Ring that facilitate effortless movement and ensure high chemical compatibility.

Our client, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR), is primarily involved with the R&D of toxicants and pollutants. Their work pertains to the Analytical Chemistry division and involves testing of different analytes. They have been using MICROLIT ULTIMUS for dispensing concentrated Sulphuric acid and Nitric acid used in the digestion of different samples for multi-metal determination.

We were happy to learn that MICROLIT ULTIMUS can efficiently work with 10 to 20 samples in a single day and performs effortless dispensing. Scientists at CSIR-IITR feel that the BTD is very convenient and safe to use for frequent dispensing. They also informed us that it is a great update from their previous tool(s) for dispensing concentrated acids.

Users of our BTD at CSIR-IITR have discovered some innovative multi-solvent derivation techniques which they are currently using. While praising the accuracy and sturdy design of MICROLIT ULTIMUS, they expressed how it has helped in providing better results for the digestion of samples. After 6 months of regular usage at the CSIR-IITR, our BTD has succeeded in giving us a satisfied customer yet again.

To get more information on MICROLIT ULTIMUS and read about its features & functionality in detail, visit https://www.microlit.com/microlit-ultimus/.

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