Filling tube loose or damaged

Filling tube loose or damaged

Burettes are used as a laboratory apparatus for titration where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution. In the process of titration, the completion of the operation is referred to as the end-point which is the precise point where the chemical reaction is complete.

As the end-point is crucial while performing a titration experiment, it is important to use a burette which helps in obtaining a highly accurate end-point.

Microlit E-Burette









The Microlit E-Burette is a revolutionary instrument that replaces manual speed control with calibrated pre-set speeds, providing good control over the dispensing speed. The pre-set speeds help in achieving a highly accurate end-point. The enhanced version of the dropwise dispensing feature promises you more accurate results.

The New and Improved Dropwise Dispensing Feature

The new feature upgrade in the dropwise speed mode ensures that the volume of the reagent to be dispensed is consistently 10 microliters.

Never before has it been possible to precisely dispense 10 microliters in a single touch. Microlit with its strong R&D and technology is enabling customers to accurately realise the titration endpoint.

This consistency in performance and accuracy in dispensing makes the E-Burette a reliable titration instrument.