Hindustan Zinc Limited (Vedanta) praises MICROLIT E-BURETTE

Hindustan Zinc Limited (Vedanta) praises MICROLIT E-BURETTE

Having made its mark at the international markets, MICROLIT E-BURETTE’s one of a kind, state-of-the-art ergonomic design is now making waves with our clients. As one of the most common lab instruments, burettes are heavily used in the healthcare and life-sciences industry worldwide. They are used for titrations, for measuring volumes, and for accurate dispensing of variables in analytical chemistry.

MICROLIT E-BURETTE comes with cutting-edge technology that automates and enhances the precision of routine laboratory operations. It has been honoured by the prestigious India Design Mark, owing to its unique features like a motor-controlled piston movement and 3 calibrated preset speeds. The motorised dispensing of this high precision liquid handling instrument delivers highly accurate results by eliminating any inconsistency in speeds due to manual handling.

One of our well-known clients, Hindustan Zinc Limited (Vedanta) is a manufacturer of Zinc, Lead, Silver and Sulphuric acid, and a regular user of MICROLIT E-BURETTE. Its team members use it to titrate lead using electrolyte, and sulphuric acid for the starting ignition in SLI batteries and industrial batteries. We were glad to learn that with 2 MICROLIT E-BURETTES, they can now easily collect over 10-15 samples in a day.

We also found out that they have enhanced the accuracy of the company’s lab operations by 0.01 ml which it was struggling with in the past because it was using glass burettes. The officials we interviewed further pointed out the following:

  • MICROLIT E-BURETTE is very cost-effective.
  • It saves a lot of valuable time.
  • It helps in reducing manpower.
  • It offers supreme accuracy and precision.

After using MICROLIT E-BURETTE for 6 months, our client reports that it is extremely satisfied with its performance and durability. It has praised the credibility of the instrument and recommends its usage over glass burettes.

To get more information on MICROLIT E-BURETTE and read its features & functionality in detail, visit https://www.microlit.com/microlit-e-burette/.

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