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Sharpen your skills with an interesting and easy quiz about our product and its unique features and innovative technologies and get a chance to win Microlit goodies.

    1. The LENTUS® Bottle Top Dispenser is not equipped with which of the below features:

    FlexiNozzle®Springless ValveEasyKnob®Dual Inlet®

    2. A specially designed adapter allows _________ rotation, facilitating complete work flexibility


    3. Microlit’s LENTUS® Bottle Top Dispenser is available in five unique volume ranges.


    4. ______________ prevents the loss of reagents during purging by re-directing them into the mounted bottle and facilitates bubble free dispensing.

    FlexiNozzle®Recirculation ValveEasyKnob®Springless Valve

    5. ______________ is a specially designed volume adjustment knob that allows 180° rotation for easy and effortless volume setting.

    FlexiNozzle®EasyKnob®Springless ValveRecirculation Valve

    6. Microlit LENTUS® is fully autoclavable at ________ and 15 psi for a duration of 10-15 minutes.

    110° C121° C150° C100° C

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    Product Guide

    A high-precision liquid handling tool, the Microlit LENTUS® is engineered with perfection to be used with highly corrosive acids like Hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid and many others. This Bottle Top Dispenser is mainly used for handling and dispensing high-purity media along with acids and bases.

    While conducting experiments, this Bottle Top Dispenser exhibits top-notch chemical compatibility and gives accurate results. Not just hydrofluoric acid, it works well with other chemicals and reagents to achieve precision while taking care of safety in real laboratory environments. It is readily available in five unique volume ranges.

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    Lab News

    Wearable tech enhances potential for friends-based mental health support

    Wearable tech that shares data between small circles of close friends and relations could provide a new approach to distributed, mutual health care, suggests new research. Teams of computing scientists from Scotland and China set out to examine the potential for the ‘caring-through-data’ approach.

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    A Gene That Can Control Anxiety

    About one in four adults will be diagnosed with an anxiety issue at some point during their lifetime, but treating anxiety is still challenging. It’s estimated that about half of anxiety patients don’t get relief from the drugs that are currently available to treat the disorder. But new research may help change that. Scientists have identified a gene that seems to have a major influence on anxiety. When the expression of this gene is reduced, anxiety levels drop in a mouse model of anxiety caused by stress.

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    Gene That Confers Seed Tolerance to Salinity Identified

    Seeds only germinate when a series of internal and environmental needs are met. Otherwise, they get stuck in a state of dormancy. Researchers from the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) led by Paula Duque just revealed a mechanism that allows plants to integrate environmental signals and decide whether they should initiate development. SCL30a is a gene behind this decision system.

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    Blog of the Month

    Bottle Top Dispensers are used with various reagents sometimes with very aggressive chemicals. The residue of any chemical can impact results in a new analysis. Therefore, it is very important to clean bottle top dispensers after use or before using any fresh chemical/solvent/reagent.

    Furthermore, some chemicals tend to form crystals on the inside of the dispenser that hinders piston movement and liquid dispensing. So, regular cleaning is mandatory to keep crystals from forming and maintain the long life of the Bottle Top Dispenser. To know more, read our blog.

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