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Do you aspire to be a great lab technician? Do you know about the basics of the medical laboratory? Try these medical laboratory trivia quiz questions and assess yourself. Take the quiz and find out.

    1. What does Hematocrit measure?

    Oxygen carrying pigment in bloodMeasure of the WBC in total blood volumeMeasure of the percentage of RBC in total blood volume (cell volume)Concentration

    2. Which of the following lab tests would be ordered to diagnose anaemia?

    Glucose testCholesterolCBCBUN

    3. What normal value goes w/ electrolyte K+

    3.5-5.0mEq/L9.0-10.5mg/dl136-145 mEq/L98-106 mEq/L

    4. Which of the following might show deviations (abnormalities) from normal lab reference ranges?

    An elderly client with renal insufficiencyA client with a peripherally drawn labSpecimens sent to the lab utilizing standard precautionsBlood speciments sent to the lab immediately following drawing

    5. What body system relates to Urinalysis test?

    Renal system primarilyHepatic system primarilyIntegumentary system primarilyAll of the aboveCirculatory system primarily

    6. What body system relates to CBC test?

    Hematologic (circulatory system)Metabolic system primarilyRenal system primarilyHepatic system primarilyCirculatory system primarily

    7. What body system would a glucose test be done for

    Primarily renal systemPrimarily metabolic systemPrimarily hepatic systemPrimarily genitourinary

    8. What are normal lab values for RBC

    5-18g/dLMale 12-16 g/dl Female 14-18 g/dLMale 4.7-6.1 m/pl Female 4.2-5.4M/OMale 37-47% Female 42-52%

    9. What does Quality mean at PBL (regulated environment)?

    An objective definition that means meet requirementsA subjective definition that means to meet or exceed expectationsBoth A and BNeither A nor B

    10. Records are created:

    By Planning Documents (Protocols and SOPs)By Checking DocumentsBy Improvement DocumentsAll of the above

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    A Burette is an essential laboratory instrument, commonly used in the titration process for quantitative analysis in many industrial chemical tests where solutions of known concentration are used to find the concentration of unknown solutions.

    The Electronic Burette or E-Burette has an electronic display, electronic control panel and motor-controlled piston movements that eliminate all problems of the digital burette which dispenses manually. The accuracy of an electronic burette is higher than a digital burette due to motor controlled dispensing. This motorized system eliminates human errors in the titration/dispensing process, making the titration more precise.

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    Monitoring DNA in air samples could revolutionise biomonitoring

    DNA from air could revolutionise the way we measure animal biodiversity, say scientists. Two research teams have independently demonstrated that airborne eDNA can be used to monitor a range of animal species. This new approach could revolutionise terrestrial biomonitoring and provide new opportunities to track the composition of animal communities as well as detect invasion of non-native species.

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    An Easier and Safer Way to Synthesize Medicines

    “Carbenes have an incredible amount of energy in them,” said David Nagib, co-author of the study and a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Ohio State. “The value of that is they can do chemistry that you just cannot do any other way.”

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    Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds: Everything You Need to Know

    Lab grown diamonds are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop when they form in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust. These lab-created diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure. Since they are made of the same material as natural diamonds, they exhibit the same optical and chemical properties.

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    Blog of the Month

    India has continuously modified its testing strategies as required and expanded the quantity to collectively fight through the pandemic situation. Technology landscaping, leveraging resources and optimizing the processes to increase efficiency were the key approaches that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), and Government of India undertook to expand the scale of testing. The government took a quantum leap by consolidating its resources, investing in infrastructure, forging public-private partnerships, and training human resources to cater to the need for increased tests per day.

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