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Chemistry can be a tough subject to crack, but if you are a science buff, there’s no doubt you’ll dominate this simple and easy-to-crack quiz.

    1. What characteristic, or property, is shared by all forms of matter?

    ColorOxygenMassChemical make-up

    2. Which of the following is an example of a physical property?


    3.What must be known in order to calculate density?

    Mass and solubilityMass and lengthMass and colorMass and volume

    4.A substance that allows electricity and/or heat to pass through it is __________.

    MagneticA conductorAn insulatorA catalyst

    5. Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?

    Water evaporatingWood burningIce cream meltingFace blushing

    6. The amount of salt in a substance is called ______________.


    7. Which is true about a chemical change in matter?

    A chemical change causes a change in massSubstances never change phase as a part of a chemical change.Matter is destroyed during a chemical changeAtoms are rearranged during a chemical change.

    8. Which of the following is a homogeneous mixture?

    Oil & Vinegar salad dressingA lava lampWater & VinegarApple juice

    9. Which of the following represents a mixture?

    A piece of copper wireThe oxygen gas in a pressurized tankA slice of mushroom pizzaA lead fishing weight

    10. What does the word malleable mean?

    The substance can be pounded into a thin sheet.The substance can dissolve in water.The substance can conduct electricity.The substance has a high density.

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