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From history of Halloween to modern-day trends like “Trick or Treat” or “Bobbing of Apples”, let’s take up the quiz and answer the terrifying trivia with some spooky quiz questions.

    1. Halloween falls on different dates each year.


    2. What is the name of the popular teenage witch?


    3. Which fruit would you traditionally bob for at Halloween parties?


    4. If you see a ghost, “Whom are you gonna call”?

    Ghost bustersGhost ridersGhost lightersGhost rockers

    5. Which country celebrates the “Day of the Deda” instead of Halloween?

    MexicoIrelandScotlandNorth America

    6. Spider cakes are traditionally baked on All Soul’s Day.


    7. What is a group pf witches called?

    A CovenAn OvenA CloveA Clown

    8. When knocking on doors on Halloween night, which words should be spoken?

    Witches are welcomeThe Night is longTrick or TreatGhosts are coming

    9. A Hallow is a saint and a holy person.


    10. Which vegetable is set to repel a vampire?


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