The 21 CFR Compliant E-Burette Software
The 21 CFR Compliant E-Burette Software

The 21 CFR Compliant E-Burette Software

We have always upheld the importance of maintaining the validity, reliability and authenticity of the experiments conducted with our high precision liquid handling equipment. The Microlit E-Burette software has been developed in line with this thinking.

With this software, the users can create electronic records simultaneously while performing the titration experiment. Based on the inputs and the readings received, the software automatically computes the molarity/normality of the analyte.

Additionally, the integrity of the stored data remains protected as per the regulations laid down by the FDA.


A robust software developed by team Microlit

in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for titration

experiments conducted with Microlit E-Burette.

50% LikesVS
50% Dislikes

1.Multi Step Authentication
In line with our intent to build infallible security mechanisms, a user is required to pass through a multi-step authentication process to operate the software and access the data.

2.Audit Trail
From user login/logout to the creation of a new experiment, the software records every user activity in an audit trail. It is completely secure and can only be accessed by permitted users.

3.Data Authenticity

The software keeps the data safe via a sturdy security mechanism involving multiple authentication checks, audit trails, non-editable electronic records, and more. Also, Microlit cannot access the data stored on your instance of the software. You have complete control over your organisation’s database.

4.Data Security
Once recorded, the titration experiment data cannot be edited. This makes it 100% reliable, credible and authentic.
User Interface
The software interface has been designed to maximise user convenience. With an intuitive design and easy navigation, the user can understand how to operate it in no time.
Titration Choices
The software gives you the option to perform the titration experiment of your choice – Volumetric Titration or Assay Titration – further enhancing user comfort.

DescriptionModel No.
Server setup & one client licenceTI – SW – S
Additional client licence
(required for each additional computer setup)
TI – SW – C

Award-winning Design and Product Excellence

Microlit NERO has been honoured with India Design Mark Award 2021. India Design Mark symbolizes product excellence in form, function, quality, safety, sustainability and innovation and communicates that the product is usable, durable, aesthetically appealing and socially responsible
We are also honoured by CII Industrial Innovation Awards and adjusted a place in the top 25 Most Innovative Companies of India for the year 2021.

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